Countdown Is On!

Only 1 day to go til the start of my (in the words of BBC Radio Lancashire)  ‘totally bonkers’ 3PeAksRun!!  So with hours to go to my monster Challenge with a capital ‘C’, how am i feeling? Ready? Prepared? Weather forecast for August in Britain…..check👍 I am not an athlete, really,  just your average, everyday, … More Countdown Is On!

New Puppy Recruits!

This month saw the welcome of some super cute recruits to SARDA England! New, potential future Search and Rescue Dogs attended their first national training meets. And it was ‘awwws’ and paws all around!   But after all the puppy cuddling its down to serious business. Puppy training initially involves socialising, basic obedience and familiarisation … More New Puppy Recruits!

3PeAksRun is a Winner! – Next Adventure Challenge 2017

Woohoo.. i am totally thrilled that my little run was deemed interesting/ insane enough (delete as applicable) to be chosen as one of the 2017 Next Challenge Grant winners. This is a fantastic initiative by award winning adventurer and Guinness World Record holder Tim Moss who has completed many expeditions from mountaineering to round the … More 3PeAksRun is a Winner! – Next Adventure Challenge 2017

Up and Running…

Whew…..first part of the challenge – route planning, logistics, setting up social media, blog and charity giving site finally completed…..the small matter of running 505 miles whilst climbing three mountains should be a piece of cake from here on…..talking of cake here is my super easy recipe for power flapjack bars that can be made … More Up and Running…