Hello 2018!



New Year New Challenge!

Running the Summits – A jog up the 180 English Mountains

After the amazing success and fantastic support from everyone for my 3PeAksRun last year I have decided to continue the annihilation of my knees with a new, bigger, tougher challenge for 2018. Enjoying my time in the mountains so much and being able to support such wonderful mountain and outdoor related charities, this summer I will be really showcasing the mountains of England by attempting to summit all 180* of them.

Once again I want to encourage people to #getoutdoors and enjoy the hills safely and responsibly and will be continuing my support for Mountain Rescue, Search and Rescue Dogs and Outdoor Conservation. Please join me this year by following the adventure and donating if you can to hit a new target of ยฃ5000.

Share the journey or come along and scale a mountain summit or two. This one is going to need an awful lot of flapjack!

Calling all Armchair Adventurers – Follow with your feet up!

Follow Follow Follow ( click ‘follow’ button below) and PLEASE join me vicariously on this bonkers challenge, i am really going to need you and your flapjack!

Lets climb some mountains!

Thanks for joining me on my latest groan-inducing, knee debilitating adventure!

Please use the follow buttons below to keep up with the happenings on my latest challenge, drool over photos of our glorious outdoors, learn about the great work of the people behind the charities I am asking you to help me support, my attempts at following some sort of training regime, cute pictures of Search and Rescue Dogs and occasional tasty flapjack recipes! See you soon , and happy trails…


* 180 mountains, defined by the ‘Hewitts’ classification system.

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