‘Bonkers’ 3PeAksRun on the BBC!

Well i was very lucky this week to be contacted by not one but two BBC Radio Stations. BBC Radio Cumbria and BBC Radio Lancashire both invited me to chat about my imminent 3PeAksRun live on their Breakfast Shows.

Though completely terrified of saying something incredibly stupid live on air the presenters were very friendly and wished me well, even though they thought i was completely bonkers taking on this humongous challenge!

I will be jogging on through both of these regions in the next couple of weeks and hope to pop into the studios to say hi again ( now i am an experienced interviewee, of course😉)

If you missed it you can still catch the interview – just click OnAirHere . Scroll to 2hr24mins (or, if you have some free time,enjoy the entire Breakfast Show – choice is yours)


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