So , here it is….A route linking the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales that covers 505 miles through Britain with 33,500 feet of uphill stuff (thats 808 km and nearly 11,000m to anyone under 30) and following 22 established great long distance footpaths, local trails or cycle routes to form what I think will be an epic trail run. My mission is simply to celebrate the very best of the Great British Outdoors, raising some money and awareness for the fantastic folk who work tirelessly to preserve these places, those who give their time to save lives and those who share their knowledge and skills to help others get the most out of their own outdoor adventures and maybe hug some rescue dogs……..oh , and to eat a lot of flapjack along the way….



2 thoughts on “3PeAksRun

  1. Wow. Tough challenge!! All the very best with it. I assume ul be following the West highland way to fort William. If ur not familiar with the route or are looking for running buddies along the way just holler. I can also add ur challenge to some of the Ultra sites up here – there’s always someone running on the WHW!! I look forward to watching ur progress. Happy to donate too. Worthy cause!!


    1. Thanks for the good wishes Clark, I am indeed following the WHW, some of it I am familiar with but not all. I am also totally hoping to encourage a few people to come along and run a mile or two with me, just so long as they appreciate i am an embarrassingly slow runner 😁. Massive thanks for your offer to donate too, they are indeed worthy causes and every penny helps! Happy trails!


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