3PeAksRun – What’s it all about?


So….. 3PeAksRun…..what’s it all about?

Always on the lookout for a good challenge I have enjoyed completing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks several times and consider it to be a truly wonderful day out in the hills topped off by a fabulous ‘pint of tea’ mug and some homemade flapjack at the Pen y Ghent cafe. Actually the main focus of this challenge for me isn’t simply making it up the three peaks but more crucially making it back down in time for cake before the cafe closes.

I soon heard talk of a bigger challenge…..the National 3 Peaks 24 hour Challenge and met several people who had undertaken it. I discovered that there were often mixed feelings about the organisation of this challenge and the various pressures associated with the growing popularity of the event on the local communities and the mountains themselves. I learned that whilst successful participants do indeed have an incredible experience and raise much needed funds for many worthy charities, many are unaware that much of the work done to maintain and protect these precious regions for us all to enjoy is also done by charities and volunteers, including the network of Mountain Rescue Teams who come to the rescue of those who run into serious difficulties in the hills and who too are all charities, manned by volunteers, funded by donations and receive no government grants or income, and these groups often find themselves under increased pressure by the popularity of the 3 Peaks Challenge. I hope to help to draw more attention to this equally worthy work and to the wealth of information from skilled and passionate outdoors professionals that is available to help challenge enthusiasts and walkers alike to get out there well equiped, well informed and well prepared for the hills, whether undertaking a challenging mountain adventure or simply venturing out on their first walk  in the hills.

Looking to take on a slightly alternative version of the National 3 Peaks Challenge the idea of attempting to make the entire route on foot started to form. At the time no one had completed a recognised solo attempt on foot. A team of 5 men looking a bit like 118 guys completed as a relay back in 1981 in an impressive 54 hours and 39 minutes. Nice shorts, lads!


So , here we are….I have planned a route linking the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales that covers 505 miles through Britain with 36,500 feet of uphill stuff (thats 808 km and over 11,000m to anyone under 30) and following 22 established great long distance footpaths, local trails or cycle routes to form what I think will be an epic trail run. My mission is simply to celebrate the very best of the Great British Outdoors, meet some of the fantastic folk who work tirelessly to preserve these places, those who give their time to save lives and those who share their knowledge and skills to help others get the most out of their own outdoor adventures and maybe hug some rescue dogs……..oh , and to eat a lot of flapjack along the way….

Please explore these pages and check out some of the great sites via the links ; get in touch ; sponsor my attempt by making a donation to help the incredible charities do their work ; meet up and run a mile or kilometre or two with me along the way ( I would love that… i’m super slow at running by the way) ; or, if I’m running through your back garden (apologies for my terrible map reading) but pop out, say hello and share a piece of flapjack  😆

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It is important to remember that hill walking and outdoors activities carry risk of personal injury. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.

I also recognise the inherent risks of overconsumption of cake and/or flapjack , please enjoy in moderation 😊

6 thoughts on “3PeAksRun – What’s it all about?

  1. The very best of luck with the challenge. I can’t run but would happily trundle along with you if you’re passing by me on my mountain bike. Gluten free flap jacks will be on my person too. 🙂

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