New Puppy Recruits!

This month saw the welcome of some super cute recruits to SARDA England! New, potential future Search and Rescue Dogs attended their first national training meets. And it was ‘awwws’ and paws all around!


But after all the puppy cuddling its down to serious business. Puppy training initially involves socialising, basic obedience and familiarisation with stock animals. But as they progress SARDA England’s search dogs are trained to ‘Air Scent’, this means they do not as a general rule track the missing person.

The dogs will react to a human scent being blown towards them by the wind or air currents. In bad conditions a dog can cover large areas of ground in the search for a missing person.

The dog is very sensitive to any human scent it finds and will immediately follow that scent to where a human is located. It will then indicate to its handler to let them know it has had a ‘Find’

How do the trainers gain the dogs interest to become search dogs?


All of our training is undertaken with praise and rewards for the dog. Some are happy to work for their squeaky toy while others prefer food!


Search and Rescue dogs don’t only work on the fells and mountains. Dogs help to search for missing people in a variety of circumstances.


Just a few days before Christmas in Cornwall, search dog Blitz found a missing 51year old woman in critical condition in deep undergrowth after spending two cold nights outside. She was treated by rescuers before being passed to the ambulance service.



Please can you spare the price of a chew toy to support the invaluable training of these incredible future life savers?


 Please support the work of SARDA England by donating at


Thank you 🐾


3PeAksRun is a Winner! – Next Adventure Challenge 2017

Woohoo.. i am totally thrilled that my little run was deemed interesting/ insane enough (delete as applicable) to be chosen as one of the 2017 Next Challenge Grant winners. This is a fantastic initiative by award winning adventurer and Guinness World Record holder Tim Moss who has completed many expeditions from mountaineering to round the world cycling.


The 3PeAksRun is entirely funded by myself so this grant is really helping me to meet some of those costs. I was already absolutely ecstatic to make it to the shortlist and enjoying a rucksack load of information from Tims’ website aimed at encouraging people to live life more adventurously. You can find help, advice and articles on now to plan your next adventure whether it is a challenge of expedition proportions or taking the kids on their first wild camp. Want to get a comparison or review of the best camping mats or stoves? Or why merino wool is the best fabric choice if you want to avoid being too smelly on your adventure!?

Now in its third year the Next Challenge Grant is funded by Tim himself and other well known adventurers – big shout out to @AnnaMcNuff , without whom i wouldn’t even have been aware of this grant and to @EliseCDowning who has also been a big inspiration behind my 3PeAksRun! There is also a crowdfunding aspect with great support from the public making small £3 donations to help others realise their dreams. Huge huge thanks to everyone involved in supporting this grant!


Thinking of your own Next Adventure? Check out the website and start planning for 2018!  Have a look at all this years winners here…